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To see colors in your environment accurately, choose neutral gray lenses. But for higher contrast, warm tints like brown and amber work better.


Colored lenses selectively reduce light of certain wavelengths from reaching the eye, diminishing glare and optimizing contrast sensitivity. This has a number of benefits for outdoor activities.

Custom Tints

Available As:
Solid Tints - Light, Medium and Sunglass tint or Match

*High-Index Materials do not tint to the same intensity as Low index Materials - Please consult with the Lab before prescribing for high power prescriptions.

Plano Polarised Lenses - Solid and Gradient

Available in solid:



G-15 (Green)

Available in gradient:

Gray Gradient

Brown Gradient

Plano Tinted Lenses
Available as: True Gray True Brown G-15 (Green) Yellow
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