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we make lenses that help people see better

We offer solutions to make vision correction simpler and more rewarding. Wherever you are, we will do our best to help you see better and do business better.

We are easy to work with.

We work with you to help you grow

We can help you to grow by supplying you with resources, training and other helpful assistance to grow your practice and help patients make informed decisions about their vision.

We are like family

We're always available during working hours for questions and queries or to listen to your optical problems and help solve them. 

We can ship direct to you.

We've worked hard to get great rates and providers for shipping to send and receive packages to save you time and money.

Got Questions? Need Answers? Try us.

We are not Google, but if you are stumped about something we can reach out to our experienced network of opticians for expert advice. 

We share our experience

We are human. Unhappy about something? Unsure about something new? Don't worry, we're here to help you. We enjoy solving your problems!

What Makes Us Unique

Read our Blog and get answers

Why Classic Visions?

We guarantee your patients will have improved quality of life and healthier eyes with our high-quality optical lenses.

We are a reliable, customer-oriented, and proven supplier of vision solutions for opticians across the Caribbean.

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