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How much will my lenses cost?

It all depends on what you need. There are a lot of factors and options that you might choose which can affect the cost.

Those factors are:

  1. You,

  2. the frame,

  3. the prescription and

  4. what the Dr. suggested.

We can break the options down into five categories.

  1. What you need

  2. What you want

  3. What you can afford

  4. Your lifestyle

  5. What's possible with your prescription

What you need

We can probably agree that you really use glasses to see. and when you buy glasses they should help you to see better in what ever you are doing.

What you want

Sometimes its more than just seeing better, you want to look good at the same time.

What you can afford

You might want to see better and look good but the cost of doing both can vary! What can I afford? Do you want lenses to fit your budget or do you want the damn best lenses you can get?

Your Lifestyle

You might need glasses for different parts of your lifestyle, work, play or leisure. sometimes its not one-size-fits all.

What's possible with your prescription

You may want the perfect pair of frames with the lowest cost lenses, but it may not be possible with your prescription.

Lets break it down further

So, you've got that perfect frame and now you need a great pair of lenses that you will be happy with. What are they going to cost?

What are the options?

Lens types include:

  • Conventional plastic – A popular, low-cost option.

  • Aspheric – Slim and attractive lenses that sharpen peripheral vision.

  • High-index plastic – Thinner, lighter lenses with better built-in UV protection.

  • Polycarbonate and Trivex – Thinner and lighter than conventional lenses with up to 10 times higher impact resistance.

Special lens treatments may also add to the final cost. They include:

How do frame materials affect eyeglass costs?

Plastic frames may be cheaper than metal ones. Plastic is tough, lightweight and comes in a lot of color choices. Plastic frames may be better in some cases for high prescriptions.

Not all frames may suit your glasses prescription. Not all lenses are suited to any frame.

If you plan on steering clear of designer frames, plastic glasses may be your best bet for budget.

Metal frames cost a bit more. They're strong and lightweight, thanks to alloys like titanium and aluminum. Higher quality metal frames can even resist corrosion.

What if my prescription is difficult?

If you have vastly different prescriptions in each eye or need a high degree of vision correction, you'll want to leave a little more room in your eyeglass budget. People with these conditions can expect to pay a bit more for glasses.

How does my lifestyle affect the cost of my glasses?

You may not be an athlete or a welder or a health professional. but if you are any of those and you have the wrong type of lenses or options they WONT WORK FOR LONG.

Athletes need sports wear that is durable and safe for their chosen sport.

A welder also will need glasses that are durable and safe and same applies to a health professional. You don't wear shoes when you're diving, you wear flippers right?

  • Sun-wear is important if you're in the bright outdoors all day.

  • Office Lenses are perfect for using a computer all day.

  • Driving lenses can reduce your driving fatigue dramatically.

  • You may need stronger lens materials and frames if you are in a active environment where safety is important.

  • If you are on a boat or near the sea, don't choose anti-glare coating, it wont last!

  • Basically 80% of people can get by with a single pair of glasses for everything. But 20% cant do without that second pair of glasses that is either a backup or specially suited for a task.

In the end - how much will my lenses cost?

It depends! lenses can cost between US$20 and US$500+. In most cases the higher the price means more benefit.


If you have paid a lot for your glasses and they are not working, take them back and explain why. Sometimes it may be that what you're expecting them to do is not what they are designed for. Or maybe they were made wrong. Don't settle for headaches, blurred vision and eyestrain, get what you need for your eyes.

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